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Crandall House/E.L. Walsh missing body


Tomorrow I am interviewing a worker at the Ballston Spa cemetery, who happens to live across from the Crandall house, to bring you all some more details and insight to these mysteries. Where is the Walsh body? Where is Sylvester Crandall buried? Is the Crandall house really haunted? We will see if all of these are real life hauntings, or just mere legend.

Woman in white suspected haunting


Keep your eyes on the site, because I will be uploading an interview/investigation in a few days of my father's house. If you have not seen my former reporting on this case, go to the episodes page and watch the one video in black and white. Stay curious!

New England Society for Psychic Research dinner


Alright guys the day is almost here, make sure to follow us to get the details as they happen!